It’s been an amazing beginning to the 2021 Niner’s golf season and want to commend everyone on helping achieve our goal of increasing the pace of play.  Listed below is an email I received from Chris with his comments that I feel important to share with all of you.  You’re efforts have not gone unnoticed and deserve a big “High Five”…keep up the good work ladies!   Thanks,Deb

Hi Deb and Sue,

First,  I just wanted to say again how impressed I still am with the amazing and professional presentation you both did for the ladies!!!  TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Secondly, I would really like to thank all the members of the 9’rs for how they all truly took to heart the presentation and improved the speed of play!!!!  The improvement has been nothing short of amazing!!!  I believe the longest round reported so far is just over 2hours.    WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For the next while, I would like to continue the pace of play sheets.

Thank you all and so proud of all the members of the 9’rs!!!!

Chris Bensel, PGA

General Manager

Charbonneau Golf Club / Charbonneau Water Co.

503-694-1246 x5