Hello Niners,


When you filled out your application for Niners 2021 membership, you had the option to donate to the Charbonneau Employee Scholarship Fund. This fund is supported by all three Charbonneau Golf Clubs. This year with all the restrictions to meet as a group, I was not able to explain the benefits of contributing to this wonderful program.  To date our contribution low; donations are currently at $357.50.


This year the Scholarship committee is expecting six or more applications from Pro Shop, The Turn, and Maintenance Crew.  You have most likely met many of them.  All are outstanding young adults that value education and will be applying and/or further attending an educational institution.  Applications are due by September 30th.

The scholarship program originated with the Charbonneau Mens Club.  They invited the Niners and CWGA to support this program to increase funds.  And we have!  The Niners ONLY donate what we receive from membership contributions.   The Scholarship Committee has established important criteria for eligibility.  Chris Bensel, General Manager, Charbonneau, is very instrumental in screening applicants.

As a retired educator, I was asked to serve on the committee for the Niners.   The awards to the scholarship winners will be presented in late November.

If you would like to make a donation, there are two options.  You can send a check to Karen Siegel, Niners Treasurer, and/or put check in Niners slot in the Club Lounge designating the donation for the Scholarship Program.

I will be attending the Niners Tuesday, September 28th, meeting and the Niners, Tuesday, October 5th, Year End Awards and General Meeting.   I can answer any questions and will happily collect your donations!

You are also welcome to contact me at 503-319-3534 and/or khartlaub1335@gmail.com