Important Message from the Charbonneau Pro Shop. Please check to see if you have ‘payout’ money in your account. All payouts expire at the end of December.

We will again be doing the Christmas Wrapping Project to raise money for a local charity. Last year we raised $1300 and donated to Wilsonville Community Sharing. If you will not be using your payout money, you can give us permission to use the money. We use the money to purchase items for Wilsonville Girls Golf. In early December I will request the names of all members with payouts and let you know how much. Don’t let this money expire! You just let the pro shop know you want to donate to the Niners Account.

At the end of the year Banquet, Tuesday September 28th, we will also include the Year End Awards (was scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th). Too many recipients and members were not going to be around. Nice to have more applauding for them during our year end celebration.