The Niners have adopted a project to spruce-up’ the Restrooms interior walls on the three (3) courses.  We understand  items in the restrooms have been subject to theft in the past.   Therefore, the Niner’s Board came up with the idea to have Charbonneau artists and Charbonneau golfers create murals and/or pictures on the walls.  The Golf Board loved the idea.  “Best idea we have heard in years!”  Also, Chris Bensel has hired a professional service to clean them twice a week.  Now it is our turn.  We would like to encourage Niner artists to participate in this project.   Art suggestions have been flowers, golf related scenes, fun animals, etc.  They do not have to be elaborate.  Wherever creativity takes you!  The artists will sign their names and can leave a business card!

Interested??  Submit a sketch and/or description of your art.  The selections will be reviewed by a Committee, with final approval by Chris.

Important:  Two or more artists can ‘adopt’ a restroom and do joint effort.  We need the design/description by Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Painting needs to begin early March and be completed by April 1.

Questions and/or “I want to submit!?” Contact either Mary Fieweger at 503-519-4388, or Cathy Loffink at 503-422-6044,  Mary or Cathy will then send you the specific guidelines, type of paint, wall dimensions etc.


Mary Fieweger President

Cathy Loffink,  Niners Charbonneau Golf Board Representative