The Niners Ladies Golf want to thank the Social Members for their support on Tuesday morning.  It is so much fun to come in and see your smiling faces and to spend time getting to know you.  Your help is very appreciated by the Scoring Committee!  Thank you Lindy and Rosemary for coordinating your team for so many of our events!

On Tuesday, April 27th, Clackamas County entered Extreme Risk.  We have received protocol from Charbonneau to be followed during future Tuesday morning golf.   For the safety of all, this protocol must be followed by both Social Members and Golfers.

If you have received both vaccinations, you must still wear a mask in the Pro Shop.  You are not required to wear a mask on the patio nor while playing golf.

If you are not fully vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask in the Pro Shop.  ALSO, you must wear a mask on the Patio and sit and/or stand least 3 feet apart from others.  And you can only be at a table with one other household (this is 2 or more people living in one household).  Mask can be removed when you are eating and/or drinking.   You are not required to wear a mask while playing golf.

If you have received your second shot and are not outside the two week requirement, please follow protocol for not being vaccinated.

When finished playing golf and sitting at a table to record scores and sign cards, remember if you are not vaccinated you must wear your mask and stand and/or sit 3 feet from others.

Thank you for your understanding.  Let’s comply with this protocol and hope this all ends soon.

Mary Fieweger