Pink Ball Golf Tournament 2021 September 14th!

We are ready to go!

I have the Clubhouse Dining room reserved for Monday, July 12th from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  We will be having weekly meetings there every Monday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

The first exciting announcement is: Michael Allan Harrison has agreed to play the piano AND he wants to play golf as well.  I put that up for bid at a recent event and have a starting bid of $1000.

And from OHSU -Lisa Nolen, Director of Development

“OHSU is one of 5 clinical trial sites investigating a blood test for cancer early detection developed by Grail, INC.  This test is being evaluated for its ability to detect more than 20 types of cancer INCLUDING types for which NO screen method exists!  Through OHSU, Oregonians are among the 1st in the country to have the opportunity to be tested.”

I will be sending out a letter that can be used to solicit donations.

Dianne Reiter will be heading up the task force for signs and will emphasize the cut off date to purchase.

Carol Zinsli and Pat Tewell will be meeting with Jessica at Fir Point to arrange for box lunches.

Brenda Gardiner, Lynn Theis and I usually go after donations and auction items.  Would love to have more doing so.

Don Mason has agreed to be our auctioneer and Lee Zinsli will do all videos to support us.

I welcome any calls to talk about Pink Ball and help we are looking for!  Best idea is to join us at a meeting!


Mary Fieweger

Chairperson Pink Ball Golf Tournament 2021.