After review with the Executive Board, Members and the other 2 Charbonneau golf groups we added the ability to sign up for Waitlist status if you miss the deadline to sign up.

#1 . If you sign up for Waitlist status before Monday at 12 pm:

If you forget to respond to the email by Friday noon, or your plans change, just Accept the original Invite sent on Tuesday.       This will Waitlist you in Golf Genius.   

         Or if you have trouble finding or changing the original Invite just email Karla Colby at

          Waitlisted players will receive an email with their Tee times by Monday afternoon.

#2. If after Monday noon:

Please call the Pro Shop to ask if a Tee Time is available.   Tee Time changes or trading will continue to not be allowed.

As always, call the Pro Shop for cancellations.