As we move into the holidays and toward years end I like to review my personal calendar from the past year and reminisce over the events and friendships I’ve experienced. My memories of 2021 are fond and many, partly owing to the Niners Golf Club and all the new friends I’ve made due to our new scheduling/pairing process, also known as Golf Genius. For many new golfers however, it is difficult to bond in a new situation, or get their bearings, and that is where our Big Sister/Little Sister program has helped bridge those ladies into a new environment more successfully.

The Big Sister program is a wonderful outreach and requires very little commitment other than committing to golfing 2 times with an assigned Little Sister. Over those few hours you would share your learned tips on golf etiquette and reviewing the signup procedures and club rules. This volunteer opportunity is one of the easiest ways to be involved and make a huge impact on the clubs’ success and the future happiness and success of the new members.

If you would like to make an impact and make a new friend and/or golf partner, please contact myself, Kim Warram at or 503-887-1036, or Sharon Garrick at or 503-310-9928. Sharon and I will provide you a short list of topics to discuss. If you’ve wanted to contribute by volunteering, PLEASE be a Big Sister!