The Charbonneau Niners’ Board approved a dues adjustment from $75 to $100 for 2024. Several factors went into making this decision.

  • OGA adjusted our dues (which is a part of the Niner dues) from $35 to $41.
  • We have all seen costs in many sectors of our daily living and community rise substantially. This affects us in every aspect of our club from insurance to catering to printing.
  • The last dues increase was in 2020 and that was $10 – $65 to $75. I am unable to locate if that was driven by an increase in OGA Dues.
  • Our budget is very slim with a minimum carryover to the next year which equates to a small reserve.

The Board took careful consideration of the impact of the increased dues and believes it to be in the best interest of the health and stability of the Niners’.  2024 Applications are available in the Proshop and on the website at  Complete the application and  payment can be made online via credit card or with a check put in the Niner drawer in the Proshop.  Anyone who may have a financial hardship should contact any Executive Board member, confidentially.

Thank you,

Cathy Loffink, Niners’ President