Time is running out.  Be sure to sign up for the May 11th Scramble golf and brunch.
 The Niner 500 – A Race Against Time 
Come a little early to try our “Putt to the Finish line” contest.
  • Golf Sign ups will be by responding to the email from the scoring committee Tuesday May 4th with a Friday May 7th at noon deadline.
  • Assigned tee times and pairings.
  • Chicken Salad boxed brunch in the Dining Room or Pavillion
  • Sign up for brunch by emailing Margie at craigmarg@icloud.com or call/text her 503-758-4735 or you can sign the book on Tuesday playdays.
  • The deadline to order brunch is Tuesday May 4th
  • Be sure to bring a $’s for Mulligans, Prizes and a Raffle
Make a check for $17 for golf payable to Charbonneau Golf Club and a check for $15 for brunch made out to Charbonneau Niners and put in the the Niner’s slot in the club room no later than Tuesday, May 4th at 5:00 PM.  Non-Refundable.
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