The possiblity of a having to pay tolls at the Boone Bridge is very real.  As Niners we need to be proactive and understand the implications.

This will not just affect Charbonneau residents, the impact will be felt by all members, businesses in Wilsonville, and our everyday activities and needs.

Charbonneau Golf Club and CCC rely on people and business outside of Charbonneau.  The large majority of golf rounds and golf club revenue comes from the public.

Having to pay to cross the bridge will be devastating and have a long lasting effect on our lives.

A petition to prevent this and send a message to our Civic and Government leaders is located in the Proshop.  Simply ask at the counter.

I urge our golf club members to sign this and protect our golf course and country club. Thank you.


Cathy Loffink, President