Valued Niners,

Volunteerism comes naturally to some, while others need time to find their way to it. Any group, such as ours, has a core set of people who are the bones of the organization, or the bedrock. But the group needs others who can assist, or become leaders, in order for the club to survive and maintain relevance. So as a new member, or a returning member, if you will consider what parts of this club you appreciate or find worthwhile, and then be willing to offer some of your time to volunteer as a member of the group so that the Niners can continue to offer value to the whole.

At this time we are still looking for a Chair or Co-Chairs for the Guest Day Event. 

Also, you may want to consider being on the nominating committee for the 2024 Board nominees.

For these or other areas of interest, please contact

Cathy Loffink | Call or text 503-422-6044 | Email